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The-microphone-guide.com will help you choose a microphone that is appropriate for the use you plan. You will learn which one is best for your specific situation, whether it is on stage, in the studio, at home, a conference, or wherever you plan to use one. You will be able to match a microphone to the environment it is to be used and the equipment it will be used with. This means not wasting money on the wrong microphone, but choosing the best one for you.

Nothing beats doing proper research before investing in a wireless microphone, headset, usb, condenser, dynamic, computer microphones, Shure, or other kinds of microphones. While price generally reflects quality, sometimes a less expensive microphone may be more appropriate to your particular circumstances. For instance, there are many moderately priced capable ones that copy the basic structure of those costing many times their price. The information presented at the-microphone-guide.com will provide you with the knowledge you need to choose the right ones.

What is the best brand for you? What type of microphone should you choose? How do they work? What is their history? All these questions and more are answered here. There are several options to choose from in the navbar on the left. You can choose the one which interests you and learn about a specific brand or type of mic. Choose between brands like Shure, Senheisser, M-Audio, AKG, Audio-Technica, Behringer, Samson, and Nady, among many others. Learn how to select the right condenser or dynamic microphone. It doesn't matter whether you need throat, studio, karaoke, wireless microphone, cordless, headset, lapel, vintage, old, PC, or computer microphones. There's information on all these and much, much more.

Furthermore, be sure to bookmark this site for future reference. You will be kept up to date and informed on the very latest microphones on the market. Remember, for all of your microphone needs, this is the place to be. Click here to check out microphone prices.

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