ADK Microphone Review

ADK microphone

The ADK microphone is a favorite of many recording studio engineers, producers, composers and famous artists. If it's good enough for leading artists like Gladys Knight, Johnny Matthis, Elton John, Whitney Houston and Ray Charles, it's good enough for me. And it must be good enough for you too. ADK microphones are some of the finest professional condenser microphones on the market, and they're relatively affordable.

Instruments like the nylon string guitar are probably the hardest to record properly, but ADK makes it easy. The sound is

spectacular - presence in the midrange, smooth top end, body, presence boost in the high end, and the list goes on. Whether you're recording vocals, drums, guitars, bass, horns, violas, or an entire orchestra, an ADK microphone will do. There is an entire line for you to choose from.

These microphones were created by Larry Villella, piano expert, recording engineer, and vintage microphone collector. It all started in 1997. Larry replicated the sonic qualities of vintage European microphones and created an excellent line of high quality condenser microphones. His idea was to make better mics, each having a particular sound. They include the studio series, audiophile series, and project G - Generis.

ADK also has a wide range of accessories for you to choose from such as mic cables, mic stands, ring mounts, super mounts, shock mounts, and pop filters.

You're sure to find an ADK microphone that fits your needs online. Artists and engineers interested in making a purchase or getting a demo can contact leading ADK merchants. They will help you find one that is right for the job.

Want to make your mix sound better than before? Choose an ADK mic today.

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