AKG Condenser Microphones

AKG C414B XLII microphone

AKG condenser microphones are available at most of the locations where you can find the AKG wireless products as well. There are several models available and they range in price from approximately one hundred dollars to one thousand dollars. Each different type of microphone has its advantages and will be more suitable depending on the type of application for which it will be used and your budget. Given the vast range of prices, there is sure to be one that will suit your needs perfectly as well as your budget. There are over ten products available that are perfect for all your audio amplification and recording needs.

The low end of AKG condenser microphones is the Perception 100. This model provides an excellent budget item that will allow a great sound at an affordable price. At only one hundred dollars, this is a great item for people who do not have a large budget but still want a good product from a solid company with a good reputation. The mid range AKG condenser microphones range in price from one hundred fifty dollars to three hundred dollars and this is where the majority of the products range in price. Available in this price range are the C900M, Perception 200, C1000S, C3000B, C2000B, C535EB and C5900B. All of these microphones in the mid price range have various features and will be suitable for professional and amateur uses. The AKG condenser microphones in the higher end price range are the C4000B which retails on sale at approximately six hundred fifty dollars, the C4500BBC which retails for right at six hundred dollars and the AKG Solidtube at approximately one thousand dollars. Shop for AKG microphones here.

AKG microphones are available in a multitude of locations. The solid reputation of AKG products have made them a premier choice for musicians and recording artists around the world. Their website provides a huge amount of information on the company and the available products. You can research all the available products that they have for sound uses and see what accessories, microphones and other sound tools are available for your use and which may be compatible with each of the other systems you may own. If you need questions answered or have customer support issues, you will likely be able to find the answers on the AKG website. If not, you can contact a representative through the website for additional assistance.

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