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astatic 920b gooseneck condenser microphone

An astatic microphone may seem like a confusing term. Astatic means unsteady, unstable, and having no directional characteristics. So, one could logically assume that an astatic microphone should cause sounds to be unsteady and shaky. This, however, is not true. These handy little devices can amplify the sounds that you are using it to record or project and can make playing in an auditorium with no acoustics sound like you are playing in an actual concert hall. Not only is one of these devices used for performances, it is also used for CB and ham radios.

These models cancel out unwanted noise so those on the receiving end do not have to try and cipher through them to hear what is supposed to be broadcasting. An astatic microphone first started being used on the stage and radio stations in 1933 and were manufactured by the Astatic Corporation in Conneaut, Ohio.

They quickly became successful due to making a ceramic/crystal microphone that operated better than RCA’s ribbon microphone. Since then, these microphones have been popular in films, theater, and broadcast.

Nowadays, other companies such as RCA and Cobra make these types of product. These models’ prices range from fifteen dollars and up depending on the size and style that you require. Warranties are the same as on other types of microphones, and mostly just cover parts and labor and only last for about ninety days after purchase. However, should something go wrong with your astatic microphone, they can offer you an easier way to fix it than to buy a whole new one. Many companies will fix a malfunctioning or broken microphone for free if you pay the shipping and handling for both ways.

When choosing your astatic microphone, research them carefully so you know which will be the perfect one for you. If you have problems choosing one or are unsure of which one you should choose, you can ask for help from someone in the shop or call the toll free number given on many sites. Another thing to remember when shopping for this type of microphone is to compare prices online and in the store. Some internet sites will offer free shipping on purchases over a certain amount, and if your purchase is over than then it can save you money. However, if it is cheaper to go to the store and purchase it in person, this will save you time and money. Either way you look at it, an astatic microphone can greatly improve the quality of your broadcasts or performances.

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