Audio Pipe Microphone Cable

audio pipe microphone cable Let's take a look at the audio pipe microphone cable. One popular model is the 500'2C Audio Pipe brand microphone cable. If you're looking for added flexibility and strength, its specially designed PVC jacket is just what you need. It is available in blue, black, yellow, and red.

Another audio pipe microphone cable of choice is an XLR mic cable. You can buy from one foot to as many as 50 foot brand new, custom made Audio Pipe cables. If you're tired of cheap cables and you need something of a higher quality, this cable will suffice. This cable is made from low-loss 95% spiral wound copper AWG shielded flexiable cable. It also has a rubber jacket.

There are several other microphone cable manufacturers that you can try if an audio pipe microphone cable doesn't meet your needs. These include CBI, Conquest, Mogami, Monster Cable, Planet waves, Proco Cables, Shure, Studio Projects, Whirlwind, and so on.

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