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Audix D-2 Drum Microphone When it comes to Audix microphones, consumers know what they are talking about when they say you can’t buy much better quality products. Audix products are sold all over the internet through many different retailers. If you are looking for a new microphone, consider one of these:

The M1244 Audix microphone is a condenser microphone which is designed for close applications such as the drums or other instruments. This product can be used for recording, and acts as a miniature studio microphone. This microphone is well known for being versatile and easy to use. This product will run you about $400.

The OM11 Audix microphone is designed as a vocal microphone, and was first hand made in 1985. This product is considered one of the best microphones for Rock N Roll on the market today. A big feature of the OM11 is an elevated range for a sharp and crisp sound quality. The price of this product is about $350.

The SCX25 is a studio mic that packs a lot of punch. As a condenser microphone, it successfully minimizes acoustic reflections and diffractions to deliver a smooth uniform frequency. It produces vocals and instrumental with exceptional detail and realism. For this product, plan on spending about $800.

Audix produces many different kinds of microphones and drum kits as well. To find out more information, you can check out their website or any retailer that carries their products. A lot of their products are produced for professional use, even the microphones. But for a small investment, you can find high quality microphones for personal use as well.

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