Blue Baby Bottle Microphone Review

blue baby bottle microphone This article takes a look at the Blue Baby Bottle microphone created by Baltic Latvian Electronics (BLUE). This is a silver and sparkly black-colored microphone. It is smaller and less sophisticated than the tube Bottle (the company's flagship).

But although it looks like a version of the tube Bottle the two are very different. It is not a tube mic. Instead, it employs solid-state, Class A discrete circuitry with a transformerless output. In addition, the Blue Baby Bottle microphone has a fixed cardiod pattern pickup pattern and its sensitivity is much greater than the tube Bottle.

The BLUE company has a tradition of creating award winning microphones. And so the Baby Bottle employs the same attention to detail, styling and hand-crafted quality. Whether you're recording vocals, percussion, or acoustic instruments, this Blue microphone will deliver. It comes nestled inside a velvet pouch, and is protected by a beautiful cherrywood box.

Last time I checked, the Baby Bottle microphone was being sold at about $569.99 at one leading online store. Tremendous value for money, I'd say. When you need an extremely versatile and beautifully made microphone that's built to last give this mic a try. And to add to that, it sounds just as good as large-diaphragm microphones that cost a lot more.

And if you're still skeptical about this microphone, check out some online reviews. Find out what customers have to say about it. I've come across some very favorable reviews by simply doing an online search. BLUE microphones are a leader in the microphone field. You can check out the entire line today to learn about this brand of microphone - and then start with a Baby Blue.

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