Blue Bird Microphones Review

Blue Bluebird Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Blue Bird Microphones are a type of microphone manufactured by Blue Microphones and Digidesign. Blue Microphone is a relatively new and rapidly increasing popular company that was started in 1995 in Westlake Village, California. They offer stylish models such as the Cactus, Kiwi, and the eight ball, which actually looks like an eight ball straight off the pool table. The style and sophistication of Blue Microphone’s models make them a fun company from which to make your purchases. The partnership with Digidesign to create this new microphone that is designed to fit the needs of the end user. The product will be available exclusively as part Digidesign product bundles as well as Focusrite bundles.

Blue Bird microphones are versatile and can be used with a number of applications. A vocalist can use this equipment for great sound quality but it can also be used for musicians. Electric and acoustic guitars can be amplified and recorded using this device. Equally suitable is the use for drums, pianos, horns and strings. If a clear sound and detail is a primary concern in the quality of the sound recorded, the Blue Bird microphones are perfect choices.

When purchasing the Blue Bird microphones, you will not only get the microphone itself but will also get some accessories along with it. The Blue Bird microphones bundle includes a high definition cable for the microphone. It also includes a shock mount that was specially designed for the unit, as well as a metal mesh pop filter and a few additional accessories. The Blue Bird microphones recently won the prestigious Remix Technology Award for its quality sound. The editors of Remix raved about the microphone stating it is the best one available for its price range.

The price range can be something of a shock if you are not prepared as it lists for approximately seven hundred dollars. You can get it on sale for as low as five hundred dollars but even that is a pretty big investment. However, for those who are serious about making the next step in their musical career, this is a great way to upgrade equipment and make the sound quality a lot more professional. The crisp, clear quality of the sound will enhance any recording or performance and will allow you to have a much more professional image. You can purchase the Blue Bird at professional retail locations that sell musical equipment and microphones. You can also purchase it online.

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