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blue baby bottle microphone Blue Microphone is a relatively new and rapidly increasing popular company that was started in 1995 in Westlake Village, California. They offer stylish models such as the Cactus, Kiwi, and the eight ball, which actually looks like an eight ball straight off the pool table. The style and sophistication of Blue Microphone’s models make them a fun company from which to make your purchases. However, their prices will turn your head when you notice that the lowest price for their microphones is fifty dollars.

The Bottle model sells for nearly four thousand dollars. It offers a clear sound, and an interchangeable capsule that will cost you an additional thousand dollars a piece. The larger Blue Microphone models are specifically designed to make sounds more clear, and are not made for use with computer systems. There are ten larger models. These models are the Robbie, the Bottle, the Cactus, the Kiwi, the Mouse, the OmniMouse, the Blueberry, the Dragonfly, the Baby Bottle, and the Bluebird and they all range in their pricing. Each model comes in a corresponding color, except the bottle which only comes in blue and baby bottle which only comes in black.

There are three smaller models, however, for those who want something that is small and unobtrusive. The smaller Blue microphone models are the Kickball, the Eight Ball, and the original Blue ball. These models are plugged into the same way as any other microphone. They are the favorites among recording studios and can cost as little as ninety dollars for the basic Blue ball model. If you are looking for a smaller model that will be compatible with your computer’s USB ports, then the company has only one. This model is the Snowball, and it can cost as little as one hundred dollars. The Snowball is compatible with the newest version computer operating systems whether your computer is a Mac or a PC.

Blue Microphone does not offer an exclusive warranty on their products; however, if you go to their website and register your purchase, they will offer you a one year warranty. Whether or not you decide to take the warranty, they do have a phone number and email addresses in case you need to ask for help or assistance with your Blue Microphone model. When deciding on what model to purchase, consider your needs and then consider your budget. They are worth the money they cost, and will give you a better quality sound in the end.
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