Blue Tooth Microphone Headsets

Bluetooth Headset One of the newest developments in the cell phone industry are blue tooth microphone headsets. Those who have little or no cell phone experience might not know what exactly that is. They remove the need for that annoying wire that is always and forever in the way while trying to multitask the way many of us do. Talking on the phone while driving has become a legal issue in many states and countries where speaking on the cell while behind the wheel is now illegal. With a headset, this is no longer a concern and you can drive safely and still talk on the phone when you need to without fear that you are breaking the law or could cause an accident.

With Blue Tooth microphone headsets you could actually leave your cell phone in your purse or briefcase on the backseat and still be available for those inevitable calls that simply cannot wait until you are home. Most of these compact headsets have a range of about thirty three feet and allow you to control them quite happily completely independent of the cell. This results in much safer and far more comfortable multitasking. No more numb fingers or missed turns rummaging for a suddenly missing cell phone while trying to keep your eyes on the road.

Blue tooth headsets allow for a variety of tasks in itself. It has the ability to go from your cell phone to your computer with little or no effort. The ability to use a product one more then one piece of equipment is really a plus and saves on mess and the cost of having 2 or more microphones. Blue Tooth microphone headsets are, in fact, heavier then its predecessor due to the fact that it runs on batteries contained directly inside the unit. So far they seem to be made as single unit to wear behind your ear though there is the possibility that a necklace type system is in the works.

Cost is an issue that comes into play with Blue Tooth microphone headsets ranging somewhere between a low end thirty dollars and a top of the lone 300 dollar price tag. A typical older fashion headset could run you between five and twenty-five dollars, however the convenience and safety and multitasking versatility of the wireless headset should taken into consideration.

You must be sure that your cell phone is compatible for Blue Tooth microphone headsets before beginning to shop, although there are adaptors available to convert your present phone so it is able to use. You will need to be aware of this before purchasing. You can order a Bluetooth wireless headset online and purchase one at pretty much any cell phone company or your local computer store.

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