The Boom Microphone Stand

boom microphone stand

A boom microphone stand can help make microphones reach and record sounds that would otherwise be hard to catch. These genius inventions help anyone to be able to capture and amplify sounds that are behind or within certain objects. They help to hold microphones under the covers of pianos, and above orchestras or choirs to capture the people and instruments in the back, making it easier on people. The bases of these stands are either weights or can be in a tripod form, making them very stable and are typically made of metal alloys. These two facts make them sturdy and long lasting. No matter what your need for one is, they will help you reach those sounds that may be difficult to reach.

Movie sound effects, great orchestral pieces, grand piano recital pieces, choir performances, and other instrumental performances are all recorded and amplified by microphones being held by a boom microphone stand. They come in various heights, making it easy to use for the tallest choirs or instruments, or the shortest children or guitars. These microphone stands adjust for height differences, and swivel to move around to hold the microphones under piano covers or in order to make sure that people or instruments can be heard. The boom part of the microphone stand can be adjusted to point straight up and extend the height of the stand or can be put at an angle in order to extend over larger areas of orchestras or choirs.

On a boom microphone stand, the bit that holds onto the microphone to keep it from slipping and sliding out tends to be a clip. These clips are specially designed to clamp down around the cylindrical portion of the microphone, making it nearly impossibly for the microphone to slip out when it is pointed downward toward the instruments or choir. Prices for these range from somewhere around twenty-five dollars to around sixty. The price all depends upon what type of metal the stand is made out of, and whether it is a weighted bottom or tripod. A boom microphone stand comes in three different color types depending on the company that manufactures it. The most popular is the chrome finish that shines and looks like authentic chrome. The other two are the polished and textured black finishes, giving the boom microphone stands the look of blackened steel. No matter the look or feel, a boom microphone stand can help you reach the sounds that you need.

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