Boom Microphones - Basics

operating a boom microphone

Boom microphones are very popular products in the film and television industries. The way booms work is that a directional microphone would be mounted onto a boom arm which is then positioned just outside the camera frame. The advantage of using these types of microphones in the entertainment business is that it provides complete convenience to those that are being filmed. There is no microphone or cords to worry about.

Boom microphones can move about freely without the risk of disturbing the sound quality. It also eliminates the need to worry about specific microphone techniques for sound. Believe it or not, you can make a simple boom from just about anything you can think of as long as it is the right shape. Some ideas of things to use are a broomstick or a fishing pole.

To prevent the microphone from having vibrations transferred to it which would disturb sound quality, there must be some sort of an isolating mechanism. You can use elastic suspensions, or even foam padding. When using boom microphones, it is important that the distance between the microphone and the person being recorded on it is carefully controlled. It is necessary to make sure the microphone is as close as possible to its subject without running the risk of being caught in the camera frame. At the same time, booms must remain a certain distance to maintain a good sound quality.

With these basics in mind, it should be easy to put together enough information to get you started using a boom microphone. Remember, for creating personal video productions there is no need to create anything fancy. A simple set up will get the job done.

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