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Neumann broadcast microphone

Virtually everyone in the entertainment industry uses a broadcast microphone in one way or another. Using anything else just wouldn’t cut it. General consumers don’t usually need to use a broadcast microphone for the ventures they choose to partake in, but some feel the need to invest in one to create the best project possible.

Although a broadcast microphone might seem like the only way to go if you plan on creating an amateur production, there are alternatives that can save you a lot of money. Creating your own boom microphone is a very cost effective and production effective way to get the sound quality you are after.

You can also invest in lapel microphones which should do the trick, and cost much less. Lapel microphones stay close enough o the subject to pick up a great sound quality, and they can also be hidden so they are not detected on screen.

If you are planning on using a microphone for radio or some type of audio broadcast, you can use a top of the line stand along microphone instead of a broadcast microphone because you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing it. There are some great deals located all over the internet for high quality microphones. And if you decide to go ahead and invest in this type of microphone, just make sure to do some research before investing a lot of money into one.

User reviews are a good way of getting information about these microphones and other microphones alike. You can also use manufacturer’s websites and visit your local music stores.

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