Bulk Microphone Cable

bulk microphone cable This page addresses the bulk microphone cable. There are several manufactures selling microphone cables in bulk online. I was impressed with those offered by GLS Audio. They sell various models of professional microphone cables in bulk. There are several colors to choose from. These include black, blue, orange, purple, red, and yellow bulk microphone cable choices.

Last time I checked a 300ft roll of Professional Series Noise Free Mic Cable by GLS Audio was selling for $49.99. So I'd say that this is a very reasonable price. These cables offer a better quality than several other brands that sell for ten times more. The microphone cable has a thick, high quality, flexible rubber jacket. Imagine a duty Noise Free "True Balanced LO-Z" cable with dual insulated copper conductors for less than 17 cents per foot. And in addition it comes with a spiral copper shield. These GLS Audio microphone cables are great for studios, pro sound and DJ's.

Or how about the CBI 22 Gauge Microphone Spool? It's very flexible and durable. This Belden Custom cable features a flex jacket and 22-gauge wire. It is available in 250 0r 500 ft. rolls. These cables are perfect for those who want to make their own cables. You can make them at any length according to your special needs. It's pointless buying a large number of cables when you can buy a long bulk microphone cable spool and make your own.

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