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CAD 4-Piece Drum Microphone Pack CAD microphones are another big brand in the microphone industry. They offer many different types of products such as Tube, Handheld, and Percussion microphones as well as many more. One of their most popular kinds is the condenser microphones. By taking a closer look at some of the models they offer, it is easy to see why they come out on top in quality and craftsmanship:

The E60 CAD microphone covers the subtlest of notes, to a big blast of brass. The sound captured with this microphone is unprecedented. The gold sputtered capsule help to provide clarity and maintain versatility that is amazing.

The E100 Microphone offers an incredible level of applicability for live as well as studio applications. This product was designed to capture from subtly to loud noises all without compromising the clarity and quality.

The C195 CAD microphone is one of a kind in its handheld arena. It is considered by many to offer superior performance above most other handheld microphones. Although the microphone is offered to all consumers alike, it was designed for professional vocalists. This tells you what kind of quality to expect from the C195.

The TSM 411 microphone was designed as a percussion and general use application. The suspension in this product provides amazing shock isolation as well as ballistic stability. These features are extremely important in capturing a defined sound from a percussion instrument.

CAD offers many different products in each type of microphone category. You can find more information on each product offered from CAD by visiting their website. There you will find product information, something about their company, and an entire customer service area.

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