CAD Trion 8000 Change tube socket - pentode to 6072a?

by Devon
(Eastern Pa.)

Hey, guys...girls...

Just had a great experience making an ELA m251 out of an Apex 460 w/Peluso cek12/6072am/Phillips mylar coupling cap/WIMAS tuned for clarity/BlackGate C6 for lows /Telefunken transformer/Tantalum and Riken resistors.

Used with an ISA One or a Golden Age Pre 73-DBX 163x's/Aphex Big Bottom/Powercore, you can get a world class sound. BUT. Take Macros of the internal wiring for a reference because you are putting a finely tuned 'racing engine' on a Volkswagen! The mic is now useless even with a schematic due to shoddy solder joints that pull apart when you change components and/or tubes!! It is being hand- wired..

The Mic that I 'should' have done first is the 'roomy' Trion 8000 with its relatively superior workmanship. Plus the space provides you with an opportunity to use world class transformers like the TAB BV314 or the Cinemag 2461 at 6:1 'and' Mundorf Paper and Oil capacitors in the coupling output position which will give you superior detail and nuance.

???My problem is that I have never converted a 6jp Tube socket (miniature tube-pentode) to a 6072a dual triode. I only need to use half the tube if anybody has the info for pin assignments. This mic should sound better than the fabled 460 -> Ela m251 mod that just failed me. I will help anyone avoid the pitfalls of making their own Ela M251 as well as paint tips from an apex 460 if they need help. Devon

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Feb 04, 2011
by: jdmcgee

I'd love 2 get a hold of that Trion 8000 schematic. I might be able to help if I had that. Can you post where you got it from?

Thanks In Advance, jd

Apr 25, 2011
by: deconseven

Why would you do this? Why not just use an EF-95 or 6AK5? You could definitely find low noise NOS versions of these tubes.


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