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Sennheiser EW112PG2 camera microphone

When it comes to camera microphones, nothing beats wireless camera models. They are simpler to use, offer the same sound quality if not better, and they are a better investment. Many different manufacturers offer wireless microphones, and here are some examples of top of the line products:

The Shure VPX is rates an A+ for quality and durability. The portable wireless receiver catches everything you want, and eliminates the rest. This product comes with a single antenna portable receiver, a body pack transmitter, a WA460 cable, and Duracell batteries to get you started with this wireless camera microphone.

The Sennheiser EW112PG2 features 1440 tunable UHF frequencies which provide excellent interference free reception. This wireless microphone automatically searches for available frequencies with the built in auto frequency scanner. A lock function easily eliminates any accidental changes of settings, and the mute function on the transmitter can work wonders.

The Telex ENG100 wireless microphone is a receiver of choice by many professionals. It was specifically designed to perform reliably every time it is used under harsh conditions. The superior audio performance on this product is what separates it from its competitors.

These are simply a couple of examples of why a wireless camera microphone is the way to go if you are considering investing in a microphone for your camera at all. Make sure to comparison shop before purchasing because pricing can range dramatically on these products. If you are just interested in product information, you can simply visit the manufacturer’s websites. The above mentioned is a good place to start!

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