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camera mounted microphone Rode VideoMic

Camera mounted microphones were once frowned upon. They were once seen as fit for only the roughest of news audio. Although cameras came with mounted mics, they were hardly used. Instead, a common thing was for a skilled sound recordist to use a microphone of much better quality, placed on a pole, well away from the viewfinder and cameraman. This was highly valued since it resulted in much better productions.

But times have changed and camera mounted microphones are highly valued. Many of todays productions are done, thanks to camera-mounted pickup. But it is very important to choose the right

microphone so as to avoid problems that can result out of the mechanical noise that camera transport, zoom motor, and auto-focus mechanism can cause. By choosing the right camera mounted mic you can minimize the problems that air conditioning and wind noise can present.

Popular models include the Rode VideoMic camera mounted shotgun microphone with integrated shock mount for camcorders, and the Azden SGMX1 Shotgun Microphone SGMX1.

If you're a video-grapher who is serious about quality audio, the Azden SGMX1 Shotgun Microphone SGMX1 won't disappoint. Today's digital cameras are smaller and if you mount long models they will appear in the frame. Well with this microphone you won't have such a problem. This professional camera microphone has a wide frequency response, and exhibits low noise. In addition, it accepts up to 110dB SPL input levels. Worried about camera motor noise? No need to. Azden's proprietary shock-mount holder and a windscreen isolates such noises from the mic.

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