Can I plug my microphone in my computer?

I recently bought a microphone for me to sing with my band, which is meant to be plugged to an amplifier.
The mic has a 1/4" connector, bigger than the input in the line in mic in of my computer
I thought I could buy an adapter in order to be able to plug it in my computer, a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter
I tried that, and plugged it into the line in mic in input of my soundcard, but it does not seem to be working
I have another old computer microphone, which works perfectly when plugged in the line in mic in input, but it gives poor quality recordings
That is why I would like to know if plugging a microphone with a 1/4" input in a computer is possible

Of course I could buy a usb mic, but I'd like to know if I can work with what I have, without having to buy other stuff
Please, if you know of any way to plug my 1/4" mic into my 1/8" sound card input and making it work, let me know, I've been searching for hours for an answer!

Thank you!

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