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There are many different features that are associated with CB microphones. Many of the features found in CB mics are for practical uses, while some are simply just for fun. Pre amplified power is one feature many CBs have. Pre amplified means that the product requires a battery which amplifies the audio before it gets to the radio. This can be very useful if you happen to speak quietly or tend to have a weaker signal.

Speaker CB microphones are usually microphones which have a speaker and a microphone all in the handset. These microphones are usually made to specifically work with radios. Echo microphones do just as the name sounds. They produce an echo effect from the sounds (usually speaking) that are transmitted over the CB radio. Most of the time you will find a dial that

will adjust the amount of echo you want.

Noise canceling is a very popular feature in CB radios. They do a great job of filtering out unwanted background noises. Noise canceling mics are not miracle workers, so you can expect especially loud noises to still leak through. But it will cut out a majority of unwanted background noises. A Roger beeper is a feature found on some CB radios that will transmit a beep when you un-key the microphone which lets listeners know that you are finished transmitting your message.

A dynamic CB microphone is simply a basic CB radio with a ceramic cartridge inside. This is one of those practical features, nothing too fun about it. They do however play a big part in microphone quality. You can purchase a less expensive microphone by going with an electret microphone. Electret microphones are a basic product which is usually smaller and less expensive than a dynamic microphone.

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