Ceiling Microphone - Why You Shouldn’t Use One

ceiling microphone

A ceiling microphone may seem like a perfect idea when it comes to designing a room that needs a microphone, such as a conference room. It may even seem like the only place to put a microphone because is won’t clutter the room, it stays out of sight, and it won’t spoil the overall design of the room itself. But experienced engineers that specialize in audio say that a microphone like this is the last thing you want to add to a room.

The reason you might ask? Well, because it is too far away from the source you want the microphone to pick up. It is also usually too close to undesired noises such as loudspeakers, air conditioning vents, or even buzzing lights. A microphone is sensitive when it comes to noise. It can pick anything up including moving air. A microphone on the ceiling is no exception to this, and cannot determine which sounds are desired and which are not. It will pick them all up.

There are alternatives to using ceiling microphones which will work much better instead. For example, a television anchor uses a microphone on their lapel. You can easily find alternatives to a ceiling mic to place in a room. You can always place a small microphone in the middle of a conference table which will not stick out or become an eye sore. You can also use sets of lapel microphone which shouldn’t bother anyone in using them. If you must use a microphone connected to the ceiling, try using one with a stand that will let it reach down to ear level so you can obtain the best sound quality possible.

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