Cheap Studio Microphone

Shure SM57 microphone

Cheap Studio microphones

Forget those cheap radio shack 20 dollar mics.

If you're on a budget and looking for a microphone that can do it all, my number one recommendation is the Shure SM57. It's usually used for recording guitar amps, snare drum, kick drum, toms, hi hat, horns, and so on but it can do much more, including recording vocals. Great first microphone.

A low-priced but quality condenser microphone is the Rode NT1. This microphone can handle everything, not just vocals.

When it comes to a cheap studio microphone while you could choose to spend a pretty penny on one that is not cost efficient, there are ways to get around the prices that will leave you in the red. Sound Professionals offer inexpensive studio microphones by offering huge discounted prices for their products. They offer Rode and Audio Technica products at discounted prices that are up to fifty percent less than what you would normally pay from the companies themselves.

These discounted prices will help you to make your home studio be as professional as you want it to be for doing your recordings.

Sound Professionals is not the only company that offers a cheap studio microphone. Other companies that offer them are Behringer and Amazon. By slashing the prices that people are accustomed to paying, they can offer you a cheap studio microphone that delivers amazing quality when using their microphone for your needs. Whether you want a cheap studio microphone for amplifying or recording, there will be a company that can offer you the price that you need. If you simply need more advanced technology at a more decent price, you can find what you need both online and off. While studio microphones have not been on the market for personal purchase long, companies have jumped on the possibility of selling these items to people who want them for their home recording studios.

While many companies are still selling their products for the original listing prices, companies that offer studio microphones inexpensively are finding that they are able to sell more. Online sites that offer a cheap studio microphone often buy the microphones in bulk from the manufacturers, and then sell the microphones for the same price that they paid for each one. This means that you are getting them for prices that are heavily discounted from what they would be if you were to buy them straight from the manufacturer. Rode microphones normally sell for prices between three hundred and two thousand dollars; Sound Professionals sell them for twenty to fifty percent less on their internet site. These microphones are not used, they are not damaged, and they are simply being sold at a more cost efficient price so that anyone who needs a cheap studio microphone can purchase one.

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