Cheap wireless microphone systems: are they worth it?

This material takes a look at cheap wireless microphone systems. But firstly, why use a wireless microphone system instead of a regular wired system? The answer to this question is simply - to eliminate the cable which connects the microphone to the sound system. With a wireless system the user can move around freely and not be restrained by a cable.

Interested in a cheap wireless microphone? I'm not. As far as I'm concerned it's just a waste of money. With such a microphone you can forget about good sound quality. And to add to that expect lots of interference, dropouts, and distortion.

cheap wireless microphone system

If you can tolerate such annoyance, good for you. But as for me, I'm prepared to spend a little more for something of better quality. A cheap wireless microphone is simply not very reliable.

And always ask yourself if you really need a wireless system. There is nothing worse than a cheap wireless system. Don't let your future hang on a two dollar battery. Your system can fail at any time. And be very wary of a wireless microphone system that promises the world being sold for a few bucks. Usually what they're offering you is a cheap static-ridden wireless microphone that drifts, crackles and drops out.
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