Choir Microphones: CAD Professional Microphones

A big manufacturer in choir microphones is CAD Professional Microphones, a division of CTI audio. They design professional microphones that are used in choirs all over the globe. The CAD facility is located in Conneaut, Ohio.

Choir Microphone CAD CM100

CAD has not only influenced the development of choir microphones, but has left an impression on the industry all together. CAD designers keep focused on producing great microphones with high sensitivity, precise transient, a wide frequency response, and very low self noise. Because of this, they remain a major competitor in the market.

Like only a handful of microphone manufacturers today, CAD operates its own manufacturing facility where designers get to keep full control of the design, functionality, and quality including every other aspect of producing their products. A great example of their top of line work is CAD’s renowned Optema capsule, which is 24k gold sputtered and hand dampened. The things they are able to provide which other manufacturers lack without their own facility is a great tone, ambience, and some of the best microphones and other products today.

CTA Audio has been around since the 1930s, and had helped to develop many innovations when it comes to microphone designs. It is the opinion of many that CTI developed the world’s first dual condenser microphone called the T2. After the T2 development, CAD was discovered and was in demand for all products ranging from condenser microphones to choir microphones. They are known for their high standards and exceptional value.

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