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A computer recording microphone is a microphone that is used for recording music on a computer. Anyone can use this for fun or for professional use. For artists, using a computer to record music is a great way to save money on expensive recording studio costs. They can use the microphone to record music for rehearsing and honing their craft or to even burn CD’s for sale at their concerts or on the Internet. For personal use, this is a great way to send vocal messages to people. Grandparents who live far away will love getting a personal message from their grandkids accompanied with a picture. These devices are easy to use and can range from inexpensive to professional grade.

a computer recording microphone - AKG C414B XLII A computer recording microphone should be unidirectional in order to get the best quality recording. This will ensure the microphone picks up only the sounds that are being spoken or sung directly into it as opposed to background noise that may be picked up with an omni directional microphone. A computer recording microphone that is of good quality will allow a crisp, clear sound. The person hearing the recording will get a live sounding recording that has little interference. For personal use just for fun, this may not be as important but it is imperative for professional or artistic use.

A computer recording microphone should also be positioned correctly in order to pick up sound without distortion. Generally, the microphone should be positioned six to twelve inches from the mouth. If it is too close, you will get popping noises. If recording and you hear too much enunciation on end sounds or hard consonants, you can use a wind screen. This will help filter some of the noise the computer recording microphone picks up. You should also experiment with the angle of the microphone in order to see what angle is the best possible sound quality.

The recording level on the microphone is also important. You should take care not to set the recording level too high or you will get distortion as well as pick up unwanted background noises even with a unidirectional microphone. This is especially true if recording digitally. Set the recording level to a medium range and watch to make sure it does not peak during recording. If it does, lower the recording level and play it back until you reach a good sound quality. It may take a bit of experimenting to get the best level. Computer Microphones Homepage.

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