The Computer Studio Microphone

A computer studio microphone has come into the picture just recently as technology has continued to grow. Some companies offer models that plug directly into your personal computer or laptop via a USB plug. While this technology is considered to be relatively new, it seems that many people and studios are switching to it. These models offer an easy way to edit or re-record their music or vocals on the spot. The sound quality that is given by these handy little pieces of technology is astounding. Computer microphones that are used in the studio offer the same quality of sound that many regular models provide. It has taken years to get to this point, and in the future the demand will by quite a bit higher as technology continues to progress.

computer studio microphone - AKG C414B XLII Samson is one company that manufactures and sells a computer studio microphone that connects via USB cables. These microphones can be purchased both online and at retail stores such as Radio Shack and Best Buy. Samson microphones are made with highly durable parts, and are guaranteed to last longer than your computer that you use along with it. Prices for Samson microphones are relatively cheap, with their newest addition being about eighty dollars in brand new condition. Blue also makes a computer studio microphone that they call the Snowball. It is small and shaped like a ball. It is unobtrusive and is compatible with both USB 1.0 and 2.0 configurations for both Macs and Windows computers. Blue and their authorized dealers sell the Snowball for a reasonable price, considering that it is top of the line technology.

Computer microphones are not only becoming popular for amateur recordings, they are also being introduced into the professional arena as well. Recording companies, such as Capitol Records, have started using computer microphones to record demo CDs for their up and coming artists. Radio stations are also using a computer studio microphone to record in house sessions that they hold once or twice a month so that they can have acoustic versions of songs by top name recording artists to share with their listeners. Computer microphones are relatively small in size and are easy to transport. These two factors alone are big reasons that people are using to justify their purchasing them for home and office use. Should a person decide that they want to record a presentation at work, they can take their computer studio microphone and their laptop computer into their presentation and will have an actual recording for their records. Whether you are using a computer studio microphone to record music, vocals, or work presentations, there is a right brand and model for your needs. Return to computer microphones homepage.

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