The Condenser Stereo Microphone

A condenser stereo microphone is one of the types of microphone most brands make. This type of microphone is unidirectional and plugs directly into the stereo without a cord or a battery needed for power. These handy things make it easy to record everything without being obtrusive or in the way. These stereo microphones do just that, they condense the sound without condensing the quality of the sound. The smallest of these come less than an inch wide and just over two inches long without their plugs. These tiny models are easy to transport in a pocket or within a laptop or stereo bag. The larger models, while not much bigger than the smaller models, are just as easy to store and transport in a pocket or bag of some type that is suitable for you.

Condenser Stereo Microphone - Rode NT4 There are several companies that make a condenser stereo microphone and have them out on the market for amateur use. Sony, Rode, and Audio Technica are the most common names among these stereo microphones. Depending on the brand of the microphone, the price can be low and affordable to anyone, or can seem a little outrageous. However, the more the microphone costs, the better quality it should have. These three brands are well known for the level of quality that each of their stereo microphones carry and deliver, every time a person uses them for recording purposes. Sony’s promise is that their microphones will make any amateur recording sound professional. Rode and Audio Technica make the same type of promise. Whether or not any of these actually make an amateur recording sound professional is up to you.

Condenser, or capacitor, stereo microphones have a more flat type of frequency response than other makes and models. They work the same as many other microphones. However, the difference between a condenser stereo microphone and other stereo microphones, is the fact that there are two different types. The electret condenser stereo microphone requires no polarizing voltage. The electret model, however, is still a relatively new version of the this type of microphone. Prices on these range from twenty dollars and increase from there, depending upon the company or internet site that you buy it from. No matter the use that a condenser stereo microphone will be used for, it will pick up the sound that you need and will help to keep out the unwanted sounds that will mess with the quality of the sound trying to be recorded.
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