The Condenser USB microphone

A condenser USB microphone is the newest form that is available on the market for personal and professional use. Samson makes some very nice, sturdy models that are compatible with just about any computer. While the average price for Samson models is just under eighty dollars, the quality that they deliver rivals that of the more expensive models that are not compatible with computers. The only other company that manufactures these microphones is Audio Technica. The nicest thing about these tools is the ease that they offer to record both music and vocals onto a person’s computer for easy editing and re-recording when the need arise.

condenser usb microphone Samson C01U

Samson Technologies started nearly thirty years ago when two men decided to design and manufacture microphones in the back of a shop. Nowadays, Samson Technologies designs, manufactures, and sells thousands of microphones each year. Their newest model of the condenser USB microphone that they manufacture is the C01U, and is the first condenser microphone with a USB interface that is affordable to the masses. While their condenser USB microphone will work without download software and drivers, the Samson Technologies internet site offers the official drivers and applets. The official definition of an applet is an application that has limited features, requires limited memory resources, and is usually portable between operating systems. Samson Technologies applets are specifically designed so that they do not take up much space, but allow you to operate your microphone at the optimum level of performance.

Audio Technica began just over thirty years ago, formed by a group of companies that wanted to design and produce the best products that would be available during their time. Their products have been used world wide, and have graced the podiums that are used by the United States President during speeches. The most recent international even that an Audio Technica product has aided in was the Common Wealth Games that were held in Australia this past winter. Audio Technica currently has only one condenser USB microphone on the market that is perfect for podcasts and computer recording. Their current model costs just under two hundred dollars a piece, but is guaranteed to deliver superb quality. While they only have one out as of yet, it is sure that they will be manufacturing and distributing more as time goes by and the demand becomes greater. Depending on how great your need for a condenser USB microphone, there is an affordable one that is available to you for your needs.
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