Conference Microphone Systems

Conference microphone systems have different types of qualities and are perfect for use with a video conferencing system. There are various types of microphone that are available for use. You should have a set up of your video system and have the equipment in a room that has good acoustics. You do not want the noise echoing needlessly which will cause a problem with the receiving party clearly hearing what you have to say. Video conferencing is a great way to bring people together for a meeting without them having to be in the same room. This is ideal for people who have home based businesses or offices with multiple branches.

conference microphones Conference microphone systems come in both handheld and stand mounted versions. If you use these you should be sure to position the conference microphone systems six to twelve inches from the mouth of the person speaking. It should also be at an approximate forty five degree angle. If the microphone is held too closely, the person listening will get a heavy bass effect which will not be desirable.

Clip on microphones are also popular conference microphone systems. For optimum performance, these should be clipped to a tie, lapel or close to breast pocket level. Do not place it under fabric or where fabric can fall over it. If fabric moves over the microphone you can get a distorted sound from the speaker and also a sharp noise from the sound of the fabric on the microphone. If you need to find something to clip it to, try using a necklace or pin.

Conference microphone systems can also mount on the surface of a table or desk. The problem with this is sometimes from vibration on the surface, especially if you are using equipment or a computer on the same space. This can be somewhat reduced by padding the under side of the surface where the microphone is mounted. A wall can also used to mount these devices. Mounting should occur on a surface that is at least three feet square for best results.

Shotgun microphones are another one of the systems in use today. They should be located so that it does not appear in the camera frame which is usually slightly below, above or to the left or right of the speaker. A windscreen can be used to help reduce wind noise which can be a problem if the microphone is moved rapidly between several speakers. Conference Microphones Homepage.

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