Cordless microphone system flexibility

Is it possible to have a multi cordless microphone system that can plug into an existing permenent mixer/amp system with zone speakers serving different room locations? Can the system also be unplugged, removed to plug into and support a poratablt amp/speaker that can be used in remote outside areas with availablr power?

The objective is to have wireless microphones available to use where we need them. Primary use would be in a fixed sound system Cabinet that has a zone switch system for sperate areas and rooms. Secondary use would be in a seperate building with it's own sound sytem that has a single cordless microphone. Other secondary portable use would be to plug into an existing portable amp/speaker (an old guitar amp) to use at several outside locations for special programs.

We now have two old uhf mics installed with the primary system that after twenty years are no longer working or repairable. Two years ago we added an inexpensive 4 microphone VHF system in this same primary location, (we also use it for karaoke for our guests). It worked fairly good but we had feedback problems and we now havw problems of dead spots and "cutting out" and greater feed back. The new VHF mics have not been durable and two of the units are down and not repairable.

We should get some new mics and we need some advice on resolving our issue and solving our problems as well as fulfilling our needs. Am I expecting too much? Can you make some suggestions?

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