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countryman microphone - isomax e6 earset

Countryman microphones are high quality, easy to use microphones that come in many styles to fit your audio needs. From lapel microphones, to hand held microphones, Countryman microphones can fit into your lifestyle without breaking the bank. The following are a few ideas on particular models:

The Countryman IsoMax E6 EarSet Microphone is a perfectly small head worn mic that is made in a way to remain unobtrusive. This

microphone was made to be a perfect onstage head microphone that is virtually spotless yet provides an excellent sound quality. A great part about this microphone is that it clips around your ear, not around your head.

The Countryman IsoMax DBM is a boundary microphone that can be used either as a floor microphone, a podium microphone, or even a table microphone for conferences. This microphone is designed to pick up a high range on the stage that insures less audio pickup from the audience, and more high quality sound pickup from the stage. A few goodies are included with this microphone.

The Countryman IsoMax 2 0 is the perfect instrument microphone. It is small enough to barely be detectable to the naked eye from on stage, yet strong enough to relay the true beauty of the instrument’s sounds. You will find that this microphone is one of the best in controlling feedback and leakage from other instruments around you, while delivering a crisp, clear sound.

There are many different styles, prices and overall choices when it comes to choosing Countryman mics. You can find them on almost any music online retailer, and most will bed very competitive in price.

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