Covert microphones - for concealed voice recording.

covert pen microphone

This article presents information on covert microphones. These microphones can come in many forms. If you're interested in concealed voice recording, this is exactly what you need.

Ever since the microphone was invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1821, the microphone's potential for clandestine purposes, surveillance and espionage has been recognized. One of the first

clandestine uses of the microphone was in the Turner dictograph in 1914. Today, covert microphones are use as bugs in belt buckles, watches, the spine of books, pens and even shoes.

One of the products which really caught my attention is the Covert Pen Microphone (TCM-1). This microphone is a specially designed high-sensitivity microphone which looks like an ordinary pen. But place it in your pocket or under your coat and you can record a conversation clearly and discreetly, unknown to the one you're recording. It's better than a hidden tape recorder because of its advanced 2-stage pre-amp and active audio booster circuit. Its sensitivity is 10 times higher than that of standard passive microphones.

Hidden Microphones

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