Crown Microphones

Crown microphone CM 700

The most popular series of Crown Microphones is the CM, offering a good balance between price and product quality. The CM series features a wide range of products, from critical-response microphones and professional top-level ones to regular stand mounted microphones.

Crown mics also come in a variety of types, such as hanging, microphones mounted on stands, hand held and microphone and headphone sets. All different models offer extremely low interference noises, providing users with some of the best recording setups. The company is one of the industry leaders and it blends microphone-creating tradition with advanced technologies in order to produce first class products that are better than their predecessors.

Differoid technology – or what sets Crown apart

This patented technology is responsible for reducing intrusive outside sounds almost to zero – in any case, making them indistinguishable in a recording. Combined with a quality assembly process and high-grade materials, this innovative technology makes Crown microphones some of the most appreciated devices on the market. Head worn microphones, such as the CM-311A model, are favored by several music stars, because of their lightweight structure and crystal clear recording capabilities.

Famous artists, such as Janet Jackson or Britney Spears have used this particular Crown model with great success, especially because it offers a very crisp voice recording, thus giving singers unlimited voice modeling freedom. Crown mics are one of the most popular choices with users ranging from home users to artists for some good reasons: a quality that comes with a decent price and a durability that recommends them for frequent use without any worries of breakdowns.

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