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Clubs usually try to attract more visitors by having a real DJ, so it makes sense that DJ microphones are now a popular item on the market. But more home users are also starting to purchase such microphone models and they use them at home, either with their local band or for in house recordings.

The best microphones for DJs are those that offer a good low noise and low distortion factor, providing the user with excellent sound quality. And when all this comes at an affordable price, anyone can try his or her DJ skills at home with a new microphone. A strong competition on the microphone market forced many high quality manufacturers lower their prices on the elite microphone models. This means that today, any music enthusiast can get a semi pro or even professional microphone and use it to create music, with the help of classical or computer generated instruments.

Specifications of good DJ microphones

Dj microphone - Shure SM58

A 500 – 600 Ohm microphone is the average requirement for many high quality microphones. It also helps if the device comes with a XLR connection and, for many DJs, a sleek carrying case is also worth the money, if they are traveling from one club to another. A cardioid pattern will work well in most cases, as this microphone type allows for rich and full voice quality, while giving a good control over ambient sounds. Average DJ microphones have frequency responses starting from 50 Hz and going all the way to 13,000 Hz.

A microphone having most of the characteristics mentioned above is a versatile tool to have. It can be used in a recording studio with good results, in a club or bar while presenting events or being an MC. Karaoke shows are also better if the participants are using a high quality microphone. Such microphones will also work well with most computer music creation software titles – just make sure to set the program’s recording setup in accordance with your microphone.

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