DJ wireless microphone

There are several reasons why a DJ wireless microphone works better than a regular one. Let’s just think about DJs working in a club – they need to be able to be dynamic and mobile in order to capture the actual atmosphere of that club and help maintain a fun environment. A wireless microphone is perfect for this – it allows the user to move around while talking, which brings us to another strong point of this microphone type: interactivity.

The way the DJ interacts with the audience is essential in a club – if the DJ is not present enough, many will feel like thy are dancing to music playing from a CD or on the radio. The DJ has to adapt to the audience, understand their rhythm, and play the tracks that will accommodate a pleasant transaction from one beat to another. A mobile microphone gives the DJ the liberty to do just that and to communicate with the public without being constrained by his or her location.

What to look for in a DJ wireless microphone

 DJ wireless microphone - Shure SLX SM58

The main feature of the microphone should be the sound quality, especially when getting further away from the transmitter. Since this is a wireless device you will still need to stay aware and keep in mind that getting too far away from the source transmitter might interfere with the sound quality.

Another feature to look for is a compact yet durable casing and microphone structure. While not being connected to a wire, the DJ wireless microphone is more likely to fall down or get other forms of physical damage. A good microphone will have a reduced ambient noise factor, allowing the voice to be clearer and removing any sound disturbances. Although priced higher than regular DJ microphones, you can be sure that the wireless ones will look and possibly sound more professional, while also allowing the DJ to move around and increase interactivity levels with the audience.

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