Dual headphone microphone

The sound and recording quality of dual headphone microphone systems greatly depends on the materials used by the manufacturing company and on the manufacturing process itself. There are many ways in which you can use all the great features of such a microphone: gaming, giving vocal commands to your computer, speech recognition software, video chat and the list goes on.

The dual headphone with microphone is a wide spread tool in call centers and help desks, where having both the microphone and the headphones in one single unit increases employee efficiency. A lot of home users also purchase dual headphone microphones and use them in a variety of ways, often using only the headphones or only the microphone part of the whole system.

What features to look for when purchasing a dual headphone with microphone

headphone with microphone

A single USB plug and play connection will do wonders as far as user friendliness goes. Simply plug in the dual headphone microphone and you are ready to roll. Streaming audio should be of high quality – test the microphone and the headphones before purchasing them, where possible, to make sure there are not pronounced sound distortions. Look for an inline volume control that will make it easier to turn the headphones silent. If you are looking for a complete gaming or music listening experience, go for a dual headphone mic that offers dynamic stereo sound.

Also test the headband – it should be durable yet flexible, ensuring maximum comfort. Voice and recording quality often get distorted because of background noises and ambient sounds – ask for a product that has noise canceling filters that will reduce such problems to zero. Also look for sound fidelity in the output of the headphones, especially if gaming or music are your main concerns.

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