Earthworks microphones

earthwork microphones

Many users don’t know that Earthworks microphones use proprietary technology to get crisp sounds and high quality recordings by employing unique technical solutions you can’t find in other microphone types. Different aspects of sound recording are analyzed by the manufacturers of Earthworks microphones and various upgrades or augmentations are used for the newer models.

For example, in the musical field, these microphones take into account different factors such as the accuracy and response time

of a device when recording various musical instruments, such as a brass or a guitar. The fluctuations and minute variations of musical sounds are perfectly retained by the microphone, ensuring an extremely accurate sound output. Let’s have a look at some of the other interesting technical characteristics of thia brand of microphone.

Technical advancements and superior quality

One of the areas of the microphone that was targeted by Earthworks experts was the diaphragm. The response times of the microphone diaphragm have to be fast, so that it is not vibrating from the previous recorded sound waves. If the response times are too slow, some of the low level signals get distorted and sound clarity has to suffer. The pick-up technology features implemented in Earthworks mics allow them to reduce phase problems and offer better gain before feedback. When high frequency sounds need to be recorded, many microphones cannot accurately do their job. Earthworks mics offer higher sampling rates that enable the device to record details and overtones. The increased impulse time and the enhanced time domain accuracy also improve sound quality, providing amateurs and professionals with a high fidelity recording.

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