The Electro Voice Microphone.

Electro Voice Microphone N/D967

Dynamic recording devices are often found among the Electro voice microphone series, with models such as the ND468 being appreciated by musicians all over the world. This particular model is great for recording difficult to capture musical notes, such as some snare or guitar sounds.

However, the main qualities of the Electro voice mic refer to vocal recordings. This is one of the best choices when you are trying to capture crisp vocal sounds and get as little ambient noise as possible. Different microphones are best used in particular setups and sound environments, so choosing the exact model that you need heavily relies on personal experience. Voice nuances are hard to capture on some directional microphones, especially if you are looking for small, almost imperceptible sound variations.

Effective uses for Electro voice microphone models

Cardioid microphones offer some of the most accurate dynamic recordings, and an Electro voice mic may just be your best solution for recording songs. Studio recordings using such a microphone have to be accompanied by sound post processing. Although many musicians believe some guitar or drum sounds are the hardest to capture using a microphone, others see voice recordings as the ultimate challenge.

This is where Electro voice comes in handy – both for semi professionals and for professional sound recorders. Amateurs and semi-pros will discover that voice recordings made in a studio or at home sound better than many standard microphone recordings. Professionals will also enjoy the ability of this type of microphone to capture sounds to the smallest of details, offering a richer and fuller music experience.

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