Electro Voice Microphones

Buying Electro Voice microphones means that you are surely buying a quality product.

They have been a leader in the industry and are a well recognized brand for sound systems, especially microphones. Many artists use Electro Voice products for their performances. Their wide range of products ensures that there are Electro Voice microphones available to suit every need and application. They are used in the studio, on the stage, for broadcasting, theater and television.

Electro Voice is very well known in the music industry. Artists and bands such as Snoop Dogg, Maktub, Danzig, Berlin, Keri Noble, Neal McCoy and Gwar all use an Electro Voice model of microphone in their performances and officially endorse the product. If the artists who rely on their microphone to earn a living trust their products and officially endorse them, it is a sure bet that they will work well for you as well. It was even an Electro Voice microphone used to amplify Neil Armstrong’s words when he landed on the moon.

Electro Voice ND967 Microphone

An Electro Voice type of microphone is available in a variety of models to suit every need. They come in both wired and wireless models. For broadcast use, there are eight different models to choose from. There are ten installed models to choose from for use in the classroom, boardroom or podium. Music microphones are their most popular model and you can choose from over twenty of this type of microphone. You can opt for six different models of studio microphone and nine different wireless microphones. Electro Voice microphones will give you the variety you need to choose the best one.

A microphone from Electro Voice starts at approximately fifty dollars and increases from there depending on the model you choose and the equipment needed. You can purchase an Electro Voice product from an authorized distributor. Finding an authorized distributor is easy. Simply go to the Electro Voice web site and put in your zip code. It will generate a complete list of dealers in your area where you can go to buy Electro Voice microphones. You can also go on the Internet and conduct a web search for the product of your choice. You can shop from the comfort of your own home and get the product you want shipped right to your door. Beware of shipping and handling charges, though as it may be less expensive to go to a store and bring one home.
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