FM wireless microphone offers mobility and user friendliness.

There are a few benefits associated to using a FM wireless microphone, both as far as mobility and user friendliness are concerned. This type of recording device eliminates the idea that your microphone has to be attached to a wire – and this, in turn, offers users a lot more mobility.

A FM wireless microphone is both fun and useful as it provides you with flexibility while keeping audio quality levels high. This fun little microphone model can be used by all users in a variety of situations, ranging from a club or bar and going to home or office use. Any situation that requires the usage of a microphone can benefit from a wireless recording device. Home users and call center operators find them especially convenient since they allow you to speak with another person online while being a few feet away from the computer or performing another task.


A mini wireless microphone will usually transmit on any available FM radio that has an 88 to 108 MHz range. Other models might have different frequency requirements, but on average, this is the optimum radio frequency used with such microphones. The distance that you can use the microphone in is also important to anyone thinking to make such a purchase. Most devices offer a range of about 80 to 100 feet, which is more than enough if you are using the microphone at home or in the office. The batteries usually last a long time, especially when they are stored correctly.

One of the main advantages of a FM wireless microphone is its size and weight. Small and compact microphones can make any activity that involves recording or online voice chat a real treat. If the microphone has a compact yet durable design, and with net weights of around ¼ lb, such devices will quickly become your favorite way to record voice or music or to chat online.

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