Wireless guitar microphone.

A good guitar microphone has the ability to capture even the smallest sound variations, offering a wider range of possibilities for the music player. The reception and the sound quality are of utmost importance to any musician who wishes to accurately transpose his or her music on a CD, tape or any other recording medium.

A wireless guitar microphone is even better, since it allows the artist to show more freedom and not be constrained by a wire leading away from his area. There are also a few things to look for when it comes to the receiver: it should have audio level metering settings as well as a good set of outputs (such as XLR). Variable squelch and front mounted receiver antennas are also worth having, especially if you are looking for more finesse and refinement when recording your sounds. Belt pack transmitters are often a good accessory that accompanies your guitar microphone. Average models ensure an operation time of around 10 hours and they usually have battery level meters for early low battery warnings.

Consider this when buying a guitar microphone

Whether you are looking for a wireless or classical guitar microphone, make sure to get a quality level that will allow your music to be recorded accurately, without sound distortions. If possible, try to test the microphone you are gong to purchase with your guitar – if the recording sounds great and the price is affordable, then go for it. Otherwise, widen your search area and look for the guitar mic that fits you best.

With wireless devices, make sure there are no signal dropouts, as that will ruin any show or recording. Tone and sound changes are sometimes noticed, even with high quality microphones and finding out which microphone works best in your particular case may be a question a of trial and error.

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