The Ham Radio Microphone

A ham radio microphone ranges from the small side button models, to corded telephone models, to freestanding models that have a button to push on the base.

Each model comes in a range of sizes and prices, but all have the common goal of keeping communication flowing. Forms of communication have been changing over the decades; however, there still is one way of communicating around the world that is nearly free. While you need a license to be a ham radio operator, you can start collecting the gear that you will need long before your proficiency and Morse code tests.

Verbal communication between people has seemed to have died down a lot now that there is email on the internet and text messaging on cellular phones. The prices of internet providers have sky rocketed, and now there are pay as you go phone plans for those that need a cellular phone and are not able to get contracts. However, ham radios and the type of ham radio microphone needed can be bought for the same amount as three months of internet service, and the qualification test costs less than twenty dollars. While there are classes that are offered, it is cheaper to study online.

A ham radio microphone does not usually come with a warranty, unless you buy one of the newest and most fancy models. Prices for smaller models can range from fifteen dollars to fifty dollars, and the same goes for the larger models. The large freestanding models tend to be the most popular for operators that mainly use their radios at home. Simply sit in front of it, press the button down, and speak clearly and the person on the other end will hear you loud and clear. The smaller side button models are useful when in your car or truck and feel the need to talk to someone.

There are many brands of ham radio microphone to choose from, and you should choose the brand that will be the most compatible with your radio. You won’t want to have to take your microphone back more than once, so asking the sales clerk where you are for help is advised as well as making sure you know what kind of radio you have at home or in your vehicle. Ham radio microphones are also sorted by different wattage. Know what kind of wattage your ham radio is and it will help you choose the correct ham radio microphone model.
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