Guide to choosing a harmonica microphone.

There are several options to be considered when looking for a harmonica microphone, as different settings will produce a slight variation in sound quality and accuracy. You have to adjust the microphone and the amplifier, for example, to your style. Are you using high notes and high volume sounds or are you usually playing low intensity music? Getting the most appropriate harmonica microphone and matching amplifier should take this into consideration.

The chosen combination should produce a small amount of feedback, so as not to interfere with sound clarity and the price of both devices should be something you can afford without major financial sacrifices. It’s a good idea to purchase the microphone first and then look for the amplifier – this also gives you more chances to test the two items together. If you are going to play on stage, try to find the best setup before the concert. This is especially important if other instruments will be present and you will have to compete with their “no feedback” sounds.

Matching the harmonica microphone to your playing style

There are many harmonica players that have unique and identifiable sounds. For example, any enthusiast will recognize the familiar over driven blues sound popularized by Little Walter. It is achieved by overdriving the harmonica microphone and the harmonica itself. There are many factors that contribute to such a sound: single notes, breathing techniques playing style, quality of the involved technical elements (amplifier, microphone).

A natural harmonica sound will be transformed by microphones and amplifiers – the trick is to find such a combination that does not distort your original sound heavily and puts you in control of how your notes will be perceived by the public. Purchasing expensive and high tech equipment won’t put you in a position to amaze the audience by itself – your style and skills are the single most important element you have to master.

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