Heil Microphones and boom sets: dynamic sound recordings.

PABX systems and professional microphones are some of the areas where Heil Microphones feel right at home. Heil boom sets are also quite popular in the music world. They come in two choices, with adjustable headbands and a variety of ear pads you can choose from. The microphone size is very small and the device is inserted in the boom, which can be swiveled up if you are about to store the set.

Heil Microphones offer boom sets that are available in two cartridges: the HC-4 and the HC-5. The HC-4 has a manufacturing design that allows it to offer a great frequency response and produce crystal clear voice and instrument sounds. This makes the HC-4 perfect for all sorts of activities where a versatile microphone is required. The HC-5 is an even more flexible microphone cartridge, offering users a wide range of options and an increased adaptability.

Dynamic sound recordings

Condenser technology is implemented in many Heil Microphones, ensuring a very good response to dynamic recordings. Active sound processing features recommend this manufacturer’s products for VOX operation. In fact, when used with the recommended accessories, Heil Microphones produce some of the most appreciated high quality voice recordings. If you are about to purchase a microphone, try to get plenty of information on a few models before you go in the store. A low feedback output and the ability to process complex and fast paced sounds should be among your main concerns when selecting a microphone.

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