Hidden microphone: ways in which it can be used.

There are many ways in which you can use a hidden microphone – although most people will think of using it to unknowingly record other people’s words. However, “invisible” microphones, as they are often known as, are also used in TV shows, where they do not alter the image of the presenter or the guests.

Wireless hidden microphones work great for TV shows where the host, in most cases, has to be dynamic and move around the set. Often, the host had a wireless microphone that also required part or all of the receiver to be attached to the person – this greatly reduced mobility, not to mention the fact that it looked awkward on stage, when a bunch of cables and a black box was noticed attached to the host’s back. In the last two or three years, another important issue concerning invisible microphones was settled – sound and transmission quality is now much better, equal to the performance of a regular cable microphone.

Other uses for hidden microphones

There are many questionable uses for hidden microphones. Journalists, for example, often use them to record a conversation with someone they interview. Capturing “off the record” information is sometimes valuable for the journalist, especially if we are talking about threats or bribes. Some invisible microphones are used by reporters when the interviewed person requests that they turn off the cassette recorder.

The legal system has a vague legislation for hidden microphone use. While some judges allow such recording to be used as evidence, others see them as an irrelevant proof. Although there are strict regulations against invading someone else’s privacy with illegal recording devices, such microphones are probably often used by all sorts of people from a husband trying to see if his wife is being loyal to political parties and in academic institutions.

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