Home live recording

by Jacinta
(Melbourne, Australia)


I have a roland/boss BR600 digital 8 track. I am looking to set up home recording. At the moment I have a Shure ?50? microphone. I do not want to record the guitar/bass straight into the 8 track.

What microphones would I need for a home live recording?

Should I look into getting a few condenser microphones and a drum mic set?

Also on the boss 600 there is only two microphone inputs. Is there such a thing as a micrphone board/mixer to input all of the mics, then input the board/mixer into the 8 track?

Thank you - constructive feedback will be greatly appreciated!!


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Feb 08, 2010
RE: Home live recording
by: Anonymous

I have been home recording for a few years, but by no means an expert. I have had the best success using the sure sm57 on the toms, snare drum, and guitar amp. I have heard condensors are the best for overheads. I have one I use sometimes for overheads, a large diaphram. It works well when your in a big room with wood floors in my humble opinion. I have also used the condensor on my bass amp, approx 3 feet away, with good results. Also, invest in a compressor for tracking. It will really help, especially if you cannot afford 1K microphones. I use it on overheads to squash the cymbols, as well as vocals etc...
Best of luck!

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