I need help getting my mic working!

by Jafre
(San Antonio, TX)

I got my mic about a year ago, and I jury rigged it quiet a bit, so pinpointing the issue might be a bit tricky. First off, it's a Samson R21. Just a conventional mic I picked up for about 20 bucks. I bought a quarter inch converter for it so that I could plug it into my Digitech pedal, which is meant to be used for guitars. Anyways, I used another chord to run the pedal to the computer. I began recording music, and the mic worked just fine and sounded great! A short while later I was planning to start recording again and the mic would not work at all! The quarter inch converter is slightly bent, but I did not know if this was the issue. It's a cheap mic, so it could also be that it shorted out, but I really don't know. I could really use a professional opinion.

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