Guide to choosing a kid microphone.

Several reputable microphone manufacturers are now offering kid microphones as one of their products. “Kids are loud on their own, aren’t they?” you might ask yourself. True, but a kid microphone may just as well be one of the best tools that will teach your kid to sing, recite poems or get ready for a role in a school play.

Kids see the microphone as an instrument of power and respect – the one who has it also has control over the discussion in the room. And there is nothing better than being in the center of attention, a fact that is true for a large majority of kids. Kid microphone models usually come in a variety of bright colors, which make them even more attractive to children. Usually lightweight and at least as durable as “adult” microphones, they are built to take a beating. Kids are very destructive when it comes to toys, and the microphone needs to be a tough on if you want it to last for more than a few days.

Where to use a kid microphone?

Some parents buy such microphones as educational tools for their children. If your child is taking music or drama classes, a microphone may be a good investment. He or she will get used to handling one and to dealing with the responsibility that comes with being “on the mic”. If you are serious about helping your child become a real musician, you might even want to consider giving them a real microphone.

Other parents buy kid microphones simply as a toy, Children will imitate their favorite music stars and the microphone is a central piece of any musical performance. One thing to be careful with microphones is the cord coming out of the device. Smaller children are at risk of suffocation when left unattended, so do not buy a microphone if your child is too small (age recommendations should be present on the package of the microphone).

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