The Magic Singalong Microphone

A Magic singalong microphone is a popular and easy to use karaoke system that is pre wired with thousands of songs. There are also additional chips that can be installed to expand on the songs. Instead of having a large amplifier and corded microphone like some systems, the Magic brand of karaoke microphone is compact, easily portable and perfect for parties at your own home or to bring to others. It is also a great way to keep the children entertained with hours of fun entertainment. You can bring it along on sleepovers and parties. The microphone will provide both adults and children a lot of fun.

The Magic singalong microphone comes installed with two thousand songs already. However, you can also get the Spanish version with songs in Spanish on them. You can also get additional chips for the Magic singalong microphone at an additional cost. The unit itself retails for approximately three hundred to four hundred dollars depending on the type of unit. There is a USB edition as well as a cordless rechargeable system that is slightly more. You can dance and sing without having to worry about tripping over a cord. The unit also has a recording memory chip included so you can record and play back your own voice. It also allows you to change from a male to a female voice or vice versa. This fun unit can provide a lot of entertainment for everyone.

The Magic singalong microphone has four additional slots where you can expand the songs that are available. There are many different types of songs available for purchase including pop, alternative, oldies, dance contemporary, hard rock, country, children and just about any other type of music you can think of. So, if the original two thousand songs that come with the Magic singalong microphone are not sufficient, you can get many more. The additional songs retail for approximately one hundred thirty dollars.

The Magic singalong microphone also has chips of music in many other languages. This versatile and popular karaoke tool is easy to use, expandable, versatile and a lot of fun. People who enjoy singing along with their favorite songs will enjoy singing along with the Magic microphone for karaoke. The unit comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty but extended warranties can be purchased for an additional cost. If you would like to get an extended warranty, you can get one, two or three year extended warranties. Karaoke Microphones Homepage.

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