Finding the best microphone accessory

Microphone accessory: finding the best ones.

There is a large number of microphone accessories on the market today. Here you can find a selection of the most used accessories.

These are some simple accessories:

The Mic Clip – this is an accessory, which secures the stability of the microphone, and it makes possible its attachment to the mic stand.

The Mic Stand – with the help of this accessory one can position the microphone in the desired position as far as the height, distance and angle are concerned.

The Shock Mount – this microphone accessory is usually used as a replacement for the mic clip. Its purpose is to absorb the vibrations from the environment, which can be conducted to the microphone through the mic stand.

The Windscreen – it covers the microphone with some foam rubber that protects the mic from the vibrations that are produced by the wind.

The Pop Filter – this accessory functions as a filter in order to reduce the microphone’s sensitivity to the plosive consonants (e.g. “p”, “b”).

The Pop Screen – its function is basically the same as the pop filters. It is made of some nylon material and it is placed in between the sound source and the microphone.

There are also more complex microphone accessories such as:

The Microphone Connectors - the special features of this microphone accessory are that it has different plugs/jacks available. It also has CB microphone connectors and mini microphone connectors. This accessory is also available in gold plating.

The Amplified Microphone for Car Handsfree System – this accessory has an uni-directional microphone unit and it is adapted with an amplified circuit to increase the sensitivity. It has a beetle shape that makes it right position to pick up voice. Other features available are the frequency, the operation voltage, the current consumption, the sensitivity reduction, the max. input SPL, 0 degree to 180 degree sensitivity ration, the standard voltage.

The Microphone with Noise Cancelling Function for Car Handsfree System – the features of this microphone accessory are that it has a uni-directional microphone unit and a clip and the Velcro for attaching to collar, desktop so on and so forth. This accessory can be used in hands free car kit, conference call and internet talking. Other important features to be taken into account are the frequency, the operation voltage, the current consumption, the sensitivity reduction, the S/N ratio, 0 degree to 180 degree sensitivity ration.

The Microphone Sponges – are other accessories and they are available in the following colors: black, yellow, red, purple, green, and other, basic and other types available.

The Microphone Adapters – there are various types of this accessory available: 08-005: K3P nickel, long type, 08-016: J3P nickel, 08-058: 2P - 4P speak on plug, 08-071: 6.35mm mono plug, gold.

The Microphone Connection Box – this microphone accessory is especially designed for karaoke microphone demo. There is no power required in order for it to function, it has three inputs each one having its own volume control. Specifications: input phone jack, output cable 4 diameter, plastic housing, and weight: 205g.

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